SCF’s Learning Institute can help implement health care redesign solutions for your organization through a virtual consulting retainer of *80 hours. These hours can be used for both clinical and operational virtual discussions with multiple SCF Subject Matter Experts. Consulting items could include but are not limited to:

  • Implementation of team-based best practices in the technical day-to-day delivery of care
  • Communication tools and resources to manage change and workflows in an integrated care team
  • Recommended steps and best practices for fully integrating behavioral health and psychiatry through comparing various models and levels of integration
  • Reporting tools designed to provide actionable, real-time data to care teams
  • Data collection tools and analysis tied to strategic objectives
  • Tools for operationalizing measures identified through the voice of the customer

A custom-tailored Toolkit Package option can be created to include access to the Integrated Primary Care Playbook that can help align the Nuka System of Care to your organization’s vision and mission. For more information on the Primary Care Solutions virtual consultation suite, please submit a request.

*These hours are limited to virtual consulting and not applicable for on-site consulting services